Advanced solutions for the oil and gas, mining, energy and metallurgical industries
About the company
Tandes Ltd. is a company that offers effective solutions for typical and special tasks in the field of gas analysis, implementing projects for automation of process and emission control systems.We have a flexible approach to customer needs, so we strive to expand the portfolio of offered equipment.
In doing so, we choose partners among market leaders who have proven themselves in a particular industry.

Equipment and directions

Automation Systems
Selection, supply and configuration of Honeywell modular automation systems
Industrial Safety
Portable and stationary gas detectors, flame detectors, protective equipment, etc
Petrochemical Solutions
Production and assembly of automated gas detection systems
Metallurgy and MPE
Equipment for the control of technological processes and production safety
Field Instruments
Wireless systems, field sensors, flow meters, meters, distributed controllers, etc
The whole complex of commissioning, staff training to work with complex systems
Service of gas analysis equipment, process control systems, instrumentation and automation
Integrated design of energy facilities, oil and gas industry and petrochemicals
We carry out official deliveries of equipment from leading manufacturers
Calibration Gas
Deliveries of calibration gas mixtures of various composition and pressure
Production of accessories for adverse weather conditions
Methodological Support
Training and professional development of customer personnel
Business Partners
We offer our customers technological solutions based on products of the world leaders
Our cases
We take pride in helping our customers make manufacturing more technologically advanced and safer!
JSC "Mozyr oil refinery"
Assembly and delivery of cabinets with Honeywell gas analysis systems for control of explosive and toxic gases in the working area air. Installation, supervision, commissioning and start-up works
JSC «Naftan»
Assembly, delivery, installation supervision and commissioning of gas analysis systems
LLC « RusVinyl »
Delivery of Honeywell gas analytical equipment
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