HYGROPHIL F 5673 current hydrometer
  • Instrument for measuring residual moisture in gases and liquids
  • Simultaneous measurement of humidity and temperature
  • Multichannel control unit, the ability to simultaneously connect up to 3 sensors
  • Measurement at pressures up to 200 bar and in a rarefied atmosphere
  • The sensor is certified for use in zone 0, dust and water tight IP65
  • Maintenance-free
The HYGROPHIL F 5673 moisture analyzer is equipped with a combined sensor that measures the moisture content of the medium using fiber optics and a Pt100 sensor that measures the temperature of the mixture. In addition to the extremely robust sensor design, it is necessary to point out a number of advantages, which are provided, first of all, with the patented measurement method.
  • High reliability of measurements, including accuracy, reproducibility and low hysteresis
  • Long-term stability (no drift!)
  • It is possible to measure humidity at high pressure directly in the pipeline
  • Possibility of use in hazardous areas (zone 0)
  • Easy installation and retrofitting
Hygrometer HYGROPHIL H 4230
  • Exhaust gas measurement in power plants
  • Exhaust gas measurement in waste incineration plants, also in front of filters
  • At refineries
  • In cooking tunnels in hot air cleaning areas
  • In coke ovens and kilns
  • In copper mining devices, also in the presence of sulfuric acid
  • In dryers of any type of raw material
  • In englamer devices for ores
HYGROPHIL® H 4230 is a measuring system for determining the water vapor content of air and other gases. Observation and control of gas humidity is a prerequisite for many processes to maintain high productivity, prudent industrial energy exploitation and to maintain acceptable emission limit values.
HYGROPHIL® H 4230 is a special measuring device that detects humidity under extreme conditions, such as:
  • high measuring gas temperatures,
  • humidity of gases to saturation,
  • severe pollution in the form of dust, oils, fats, foreign gases and solvents, also in a strong corrosive form.
MGA iSCAN Flow Mass Spectrometer
A modern dual-focus mass flow spectrometer with magnetic scanning is designed to solve a wide variety of gas analysis tasks with the possibility of flexible flow configuration and operational process control in petrochemistry, metallurgy, gas and pharmaceutical industries, and environmental monitoring.

  • Measured parameters: component composition of gas flows
  • Atomic mass range: 2 ... 200 amu
  • Number of defined components: up to 40
  • Number of measured flows: up to 100
  • Measurement range: from 20 ppm to 100% (from 20 ppb to 100% with an additional electron multiplier)
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of span
  • Measurement Cycle Time: Continuous
  • Explosion protection: Exp [ia] IIBT3 / H2,
  • Sample temperature: 20 ... 120 ° C
  • Pressure and flow rate: 34 mbar, 0.25 ... 1 l / min
  • Signal outputs: 4-20 mA, Modbus
  • Power Supply: ~ 220/240 V, 50 Hz, 700 W
  • Technological support: instrument air 4 atm, 500 l / min
  • Installation method and conditions: mounting on a frame, operation at an ambient temperature of 20 ... 40 ° C
  • Management: from a remote station
  • Dimensions and weight: 560x580x1520 mm, 200 kg
Zirconia direct oxygen oxygen analyzer
DEVICE TYPE: ZKME direct sampling zirconia oxygen analyzer
Instruments made on the basis of this technology allow analyzing the oxygen concentration at ppm level.
Zirconia technology is based on the fact that when a certain temperature is reached, zirconium dioxide can play the role of a solid electrolyte, passing oxygen ions through itself, while zirconium atoms remain in the nodes of the crystal lattice.
  • Object of measurement: oxygen in non-combustible gas
  • Measurement Method: Direct Sampling Zirconia
  • Measuring range: adjustable in the range from 0 to 2 to 50% of the volume of oxygen
  • Linearity: ± 2% of full scale or less
  • Response Time: 4 to 7 s (from gas inlet for calibration)
  • Signal Outputs: 4-20 mA DC, Modbus
  • Power supply: 100 to 120 VAC or 200 to 240 VAC
  • It is entered in the State registry of SI of the Russian Federation No. 56610-14
  • Explosion protection: 1ExdIICT5X Certificate of Conformity No TC RU C-JP.GB04.V.0097
  • Temperature of the measured gas: from -10 ° C to + 600 ° C (for the type of device with a flow guide tube) from -10 ° C to +1 500 ° C (for the type of device with a propellant or general application)
  • Measured gas pressure: -3 to +3 kPa
  • Filter: aluminum, quartz paper, SUS316 for explosion-proof type
  • Weight: Normal Type: About 1.6 kg (without tube guide)
  • Explosion-proof type: about 3 kg (without flow guide tube)
Integrated Analyzer Complex
Instrument cabinet with blowing and gas analyzer FUJI version for operation up to -400ºС
  • Measured components: O2, CO, CO2, SO2, CH4, CH4 and NOx
  • Explosion protection: Ex pz for Zone B-1g
  • Measuring range: As agreed (depends on the type of gas analyzer)
  • Accuracy: 2% of scale (repeatability)
  • Signal outputs: 4-20 mA, Modbus
  • Power Supply: 220 V / 50 Hz, 2000 W
  • Dimensions and weight: 2100х1100х700 (HxWxD), 250 kg
  • Additional support: Instrument air for purging, 3-4 atm, 90-120 l / min
  • Certification:
  • Type Approval Measurement Certificate JP.C.31.001A No 53135
  • Explosion Certificate TS No RU C-JP.GB04.V.00153
  • Work at outside temperature to minus -60 hail.
  • Overall dimensions (VhGhSh) 2140kh1600kh1150mm (Classic type 210.110.110)
  1. Stationary gas analyzer with a sampling probe and a heated filter
  2. Heated sample transport line (length as agreed)
  3. Sample preparation system
  4. Explosion-proof lamp with switch (explosion protection marking 2ExedmIICT4)
  5. Explosion-proof air conditioner IceQube (explosion protection marking 2ExnACIIT3)
  6. Calibration mixture bottle
  7. Electric heaters (explosion protection mark 2ExdeIICT6 ... T1)
  8. Door with dimensions 1890x1000 mm
  9. Blowing device. It is possible to issue a dry contact signal to the automated process control system: (explosion protection marking 2ExnAC [pz] IIT4)
  10. Staples for loading and fastening to a concrete base
  11. Window for observing the analyzer screen (Possibility to remove the analyzer control button to the front panel)
  12. Air pump
  13. Terminal boxes (Ex mark 2ExeibmIICT6..T4)
  14. Fittings for input and output of pneumatic lines in the cabinet