Scalable PlantCruise / Experion HS Systems
  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Improving production reliability
  • Optimization of enterprise performance
  • Increased productivity and maneuverability of production for timely accounting of changes in business
  • Improving operator efficiency through efficient alarm management and convenient screen forms
  • Compatible with third-party devices and drives
  • Reduce costs with low total cost of ownership
  • Scalability and future expansion options
Distinctive features
  • Operator interface with 300 ready-made forms
  • Built-in archiving and charting functions
  • Alarm and Event Processing Subsystem
  • Reports
  • Up to 25 workstations with the ability to connect up to 4 monitors
  • SCADA support for a wide range of devices
  • OPC package and open communications protocols
  • eServer for viewing using a normal browser
Honeywell ControlEDGE
The ControlEdge PLC is based on the time-tested 900 series platform, which includes the racks and power supplies that are currently used in the HC900.
  1. First PLC with HART-enabled universal I / O modules for increased configuration flexibility
  2. PLC designed and developed by Honeywell Corporation, a global leader in process automation for over 40 years
  3. Close integration with Honeywell Experion's best-in-class distributed control system (DCS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and security system
  4. Built-in controller redundancy
  5. Ability to backup power supplies
  6. Two types of power supplies: 60-watt at 24 VDC and at 110/240 VAC
  7. Possibility to apply Honeywell LEAP project implementation methodology and support for universal I / O modules to increase configuration flexibility
  8. I / O racks of various sizes
  9. Integration with third-party systems and devices, such as motors, drives and compressors
  10. Connecting to a human machine interface (HMI) using Modbus and OPC UA protocols
  11. Compatible with leading open network standards such as Modbus and OPC UA
  12. Multifunctional programming environment conforming to IEC 61131-3
  13. Best-in-class information security tools to protect systems, personnel, and critical information
  14. A single service and support provider for PLCs, DCSs and security systems
HC900 Hybrid Controller
HC900 Hybrid ControllerHoneywell is an advanced logic control and control loop controller with a modular design to meet control and data acquisition requirements for a wide range of process equipment. The combination with the additional operator interface of the “900 Control Station” (900 Control Station), which is significantly integrated with the controller database, allows you to minimize the configuration procedure and setup time. This powerful, integrated system, combined with Honeywell’s advanced control technology, provides the user with an ideal process control solution. The ability to connect to an Ethernet network using the Modbus TCP protocol allows, in addition
MasterLogic 200
The ML200 series PLC is a powerful controller for applications in which redundancy of components (CPU, power supplies, communication between the CPU and the water / output racks) is not critical. For programming the controller, the free SoftMaster development environment is used, fully compatible with the IEC 61131-3 standard, which includes a powerful software controller simulator. The controller has a wide range of discrete and analog I / O modules, including modules with HART protocol support as well as the broadest possible networking capabilities (Modbus RTU / TCP, Profibus, Ethernet IP, CANOpen, user protocols).
The Honeywell RTU2020 Remote Control Terminal (TDU) is a powerful and scalable modular controller designed for use in any automation and remote control systems. In combination with PlantCruise automated process control system, which provides easy SCADA system setup and a convenient environment for operators to work, the RTU2020 can solve the most complex automation tasks specific to the oil and gas industry. Our new RTU2020 remote control terminal allows you to fully realize the production potential of oil and gas equipment due to safe, reliable and efficient remote monitoring, diagnostics and control, as well as low cost of ownership.