SICK emission control
Various options for organizing an environmental monitoring system
  • Without sampling:
  • installation on a pipe or duct
  • Sampling "hot extraction":
  • Sampling with a heated probe with pre-treatment
  • Heated sample transportation
  • Heated Cell Analyzer
  • Sampling "cold extraction":
  • Sampling with a heated probe with pre-treatment
  • Sample transportation via a heated line to a sample cooler
  • Drain the sample before feeding it to the analyzer
Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages.
The choice depends on the characteristics of the enterprise and the technological installation.
System without sampling
Sampling system
Sampling "hot extraction"
Sampling "cold extraction"

Organization of ASU TP MEAC300
Continuous casting
Monitoring the level and pressure of cooling water during continuous casting
    • Hygiene fill level measurement
    • Manually shortened monoprobe up to 4,000 mm in length with 5D 0.8 Xm
    • Operating temperature up to 180 C, operating pressure up to 1 bar
    • Resistant to CIP / SIP
    • High degree of protection IP 7 and IP 9K
    LFP CXEic
      • Level sensor for liquids
      • Lack of mechanically moving parts
      • Interchangeable and shortened probes from 200 mm to 2,000 mm and a probe with a cable up to 4,000 mm
      • Resistant to deposits
      Continuous casting torch positioning

      • Highest reliability, immunity to stray light and best value for money thanks to HDDMTM technology
      • Measuring ranges 10 m or 20 m directly to the object or 50 m to the reflector
      Recognition of presence and cutting edge during continuous casting D50-2

      • Measuring range up to 10 m on black and up to 0 m on white with small overall dimensions
      • Productivity up to 000 / s
      • Reproducibility: 0.5 mm to 5 mm
      • Reliable, patented technology for measuring light transit time + '' M
      Hot rolling
      Positioning hot slabs on the rolling table before rolling W45
      • Very long scanning range and very high functional reserve
      • Robust metal housing
      • As an option: powerful front panel heating
      Registration of hydraulic pressure during hot rolling PFT
      • Measuring ranges from 0 mbar ... 100 mbar to 0 bar ... 600 bar
      • Measuring ranges: relative, absolute and +/-
      • Flush mounted models are also available.
      • Medium temperature up to 150 C as an option
      • A wide range of typical process connections
      Speed ​​control of steel bars during hot rolling FS0
      • Compact design
      • High resolution up to 1 bit
      • Optional programmable: output voltage, zero pulse position, zero pulse width and number of pulses.
      • Connection: radial or axial cable outlet, M2 or M12 plug, axial or radial.
      Sheet metal processing
      Material Handling
      Personal protection in the vicinity of hazardous movements when machining S3000 Standard

      • Shield range 4 m, 5.5 m or 7 m
      • 1 set of fields
      • Configuration memory integrated in the system connector
      • EFI interface for secure information exchange of SICK devices
      Detection of defective steel sheet during W24-2 processing

      • Robust die-cast zinc housing with IP 69K protection
      • The controls are protected by a casing.
      • High degree of immunity of photoelectric sensors to stray light
      • Switching: P1P / 1P1 and light / dark when a light beam interrupt is triggered
      Track and retrieve product information on transfer carts in the RFU62x workshop

      • Compact UHF-RFID writer and reader with integrated antenna for a scanning range of up to 1 m
      • Standard compatible transponder interface ISO / IEC 18000-6C / EPC C1G2