Wireless systems ISA100
With its versatility and versatility, Honeywell solutions help customers manage their assets more safely, efficiently, reliably and profitably.
The product line includes field equipment, ICS solutions and the Advanced Solutions product line.
Honeywell OneWireless ™ is a multifunctional wireless communication network that allows you to create coverage areas for a wide variety of production tasks: from creating a simple network of instrumentation (wireless devices of the ISA 100 standard) to building a fully integrated multi-tasking enterprise-wide wireless network (Wi-Fi and ISA100). In addition to saving on wiring costs, OneWireless network solutions offer customers a number of benefits: increased productivity, security, regulatory compliance, and increased asset reliability. With support for the Honeywell OneWireless XYR® 6000 Wireless Sensors and OneWireless Adapter, this network offers a complete solution with reliable protection.
Field sensors
The PW-6000 Modular Controller is a development of the concept of the PW series of controllers successfully used in numerous facilities around the world. PW-6000 allows you to implement large-scale solutions of any complexity for geographically concentrated and distributed objects. The main controller module (PW6K1IC) provides high performance thanks to a 32-bit processor, a large amount of non-volatile memory, an integrated TCP / IP network card, and support for a wide range of readers and expansion modules. The controller is designed for stand-alone operation and real-time decision making without the need for constant communication with the server. To configure the configuration, direct control and monitoring of events from access control systems and burglar alarms uses a connection to a server with Pro-Watch software. Communication with the server is via the RS232 or RS485 interfaces, via a computer network or via a modem. In addition to the built-in Ethernet network adapter, the main controller module has a port for a second network card, which allows you to create a backup communication channel with the server.
Flowmeters, counters
VersaFlow flowmeters: electromagnetic, mass, vortex, ultrasonic.
MCT Communicators, SmartLine Remote Indicators
Turbine, rotary, ultrasonic Elster counters
Flow rate correctors

Flow computers
Block gas solutions
Gas chromatographs
Regulators (RMG-HON)